Travel Like a Local


Exploring a new city is always an adventure. This past week I got to travel to San Francisco and fell in love with this West Coast gem. SF has everything that you need from the coast to downtown to the hills in Marin County right across the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Of course all of the tourist attractions were beautiful and fun but my favorite part of the trip was definitely the 16th Ave. Tiled Steps along with the view from Grand View Park which lies at the top of the steps. 

The view as soon as you get to the top of the steps (shown above)  

The steps were a quick stop during our trip but they left the biggest impression on me. I highly suggest it for anyone who is traveling to SF and looking for some local finds. 

The biggest part of traveling (and wanting to go about it like a true native) was finding accommodations through Airbnb somewhere in a cozy SF neighborhood and taking the MUNI downtown whenever needed. (I got a 3-day pass for $26 which applies to the light rail, cable cars, buses, etc - recommended)

I got back 5 days ago and have yet to sort through all of my pictures and thoughts on other attractions/monuments but I'm excited to share more SF finds so stay tuned! 

xo, Eun